Beautiful and captivating in their raw form, the mysterious jewel of the ocean is one of nature's most amazing wonders.

Unlike any other jewel, which is dug out of the earth and then cut and polished, nothing must be done to bring out the inner beauty of the pearl. Pearls are what they are. Moonlight caught in the tears of mermaids. The shiny and beautiful pearls are often referred to as the jewels of the ocean. They are truly one of nature’s most amazing wonders and a mysterious and captivating feel surrounds them.

In the Middle Age, it was only the royals and the nobility who were allowed to wear them, and pearls have since then become a symbol of wealth and perfection. It is said that pearls can be a symbol of tears, but that can only be for those who don’t own any.


Fresh water pearls are a natural consequence of mussels living on a sand bank of lakes, rivers or creeks. The Trollbeads pearls are freshwater cultured pearls. For the pearls to gain the correct shape, they grow and develop inside a mussel for four to five years. The process starts when a tiny scrap flake from another mussel is placed inside the mussel. Over time, the mussel will cover it with mother-of-pearl, turning it into a beautiful pearl. The colour of the pearl is defined by both the external conditions, the outside colour of the mussel, and the structure of the mussel. Pearls are truly nature’s magical wonders.


As the pearls are perfect already when found in nature, we do not do much to these little wonders to prepare them for sale; A specialized robot drills holes in the pearls, ensuring that the process does not fragment the pearls. When the pearls have the correct sized hole, every pearl is fitted with a silver core. This is done by using a special tool to ensure that the silver core is placed with care and precision for each individual pearl.