People’s Bead Winner 2014

Winning bead: Perfect Balance

You voted Perfect Balance the winner of People's Bead 2014 and it's not difficult to see why. This stunning bead featuring the Yin Yang symbol with two zirconias, has really challenged our glass bead makers. In fact this symbol has never before been created in glass this way.

The Missing Bead

Tropical Travels

“The inspiration for my contribution to People’s Bead 2014, Perfect Balance, was to create a bead with basic colors that fits with various combinations. The reason I like Yin & Yang so much is the story and meaning behind it. According to traditional Chinese philosophy, the interaction of these two opposite but complementary forces makes up all aspects and phenomena of life: night and day, man and woman, life and death, hot and cold, and so on. Their balance maintains the harmony within the universe. “