Leather Bracelet Brown/Beige

Rs. 3,000

This bracelet has left the collection in 2020.

A flexible leather bracelet handcrafted by two strips of genuine leather. The bracelet comes in a generous length that will wrap comfortably around your wrist twice. Style the bracelet with your favourite beads and finish the bracelet with the lock of your choice.

Please note that not all locks are recommended to use with the double leather bracelets. See information on the lock.

Your size is 36 if your wrist measures 17 cm or less.
Your size is 41 if your wrist measures between 17-20 cm.
Your size is 45 if your wrist measures 20 cm or more.

Designer: nicolas aagaard

Weight: 0.006 kg

SKU: TLEBR-00028

Ships within a business day

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