Paternity Leather Bracelet Brown

Rs. 53,280

It is the smallest feet that makes the biggest footprints in our hearts. Surrender to paternity. To a love never felt before. Let this brown leather bracelet, strung with a Paternity bead in 18 K Gold and Sterling silver, represent the bliss of the new life coming into yours. The bracelet comes in a generous length that allows for a knot to be tied at one end. The placement of the knot decides the length of the bracelet. Attach the bracelet to your wrist by slipping the knot though the loop at the other end. You can always untie the knot to add more beads to the bracelet and continue your story.

Designer: trollbeads design group

Weight: 0.006 kg

SKU: TLEBO-00127

Ships in 10 to 12 days

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