Wonderland Kit

Rs. 22,500 Rs. 11,250

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.
–  Roald Dahl

In this kit you will find 6 handcrafted glass beads. It is a collection of some of the magical glass beads from The Enchanted Forest. Let the magic into your life.

Beads included in this kit: Blaze Stripe, Stardust Stripe, Illusion, Temptation, Enchanted Flowers, Gleam Stripe.

Please note: Each glass bead is handmade over a red-hot open flame and no two glass beads are ever completely alike. This goes for size, colouration and pattern. Your bead may have slight variations from the bead pictured.

Main Material: Glass

Designer: tashi

Weight: 0.012 kg

SKU: TGLBE-00157

Ships within a business day

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